Transformative ONLINE Wellness Program


You are here because
you are READY for a SHIFT

Mentally check all that apply 

checkRedI feel un-pleasant in my body.  
checkRedI want to take better care of myself…I want to be more vibrant
checkRedI don’t sleep as well as I’d like
checkRedI feel too heavy….I feel too light.
checkRedI have a pretty good diet but I know there is more to know. I am curious. 
checkRedI struggle with unhealthy cravings and don’t know what to do about it. 
checkRedI am too busy, too responsible to make myself a priority 

Do you feel like this? 



You are here because
you are READY for the NEXT DIMENSION in your life

You are in the right place if

checkRedyou want to feel more energized, more peaceful, more grounded
checkRedyou want to understand your constitution 
checkRedyou want to align to the rhythms of nature 
checkRedyou are looking for a down to earth, easy to understand approach to nutrition and lifestyle
checkRedyou are tired of calorie counting & vitamin hunting…there must be an easier way
checkRedyou want to grow your capacity for deeper joy in your body


Why do you need me and this course?

Can’t you do it on your own? 

You surely could, if you had the willpower  and education to pull it through.

I am an independent woman. At the age of 21, I lived  in Jakarta, Indonesia by myself, I did a solo. 2 months bike tour through South East Asia and studied Yoga in India as an only Westerner for half a year. I value independence and the ability to do things on my own. Those times were amazing…..but they were very certainly not easy. 

Changing your habits is hard. Engaging in transformational practices is even harder. And  on top of it it becomes 10 x harder if you are doing it by yourself.  When I found myself alone in India studying yoga therapy, without another westerner in sight, I often found myself in agony. I didn’t get what was happening to my body and mind. I had no-one to reflect with, “complain” to, get guidance on how to skillfully navigate the changes. How to firm up my practice. It was great, but it was hard. 

Since then, I have found myself in various groups and communities that foster transformation and growth. Instead of being a lonesome stick that can break easily, I found myself as part of a bundle of sticks. A bundle of sticks is strong. 


Transformation alone = hard

Transformation in a group = easier and more fun


This is what you will GET:

You will get guidance and coaching to make the journey easy and fun. Having someone in your court who has  walked the path makes it that much easier to figure out and implement those things that get you the best results.
 When I was growing up my family did many things right in terms of habits (they were Ayurvedic and I didn’t even know it). And since I didn’t understand logically why we did what we did, they didn’t stick. I lost the habits, only to re-find them when I studied Ayureda. Education helps you to consciously choose what you want.
A group of women are going through this program together. Together we are strong and get the accountability we need to make the shifts we need to make. And together we have more fun.

The Body Joy Program includes: 

checkRed10 inspiring lessons based on Ayurveda to foster learning around the 10 fundamental habits you need to have in place to live a vibrant and fulfilled life

checkRed10 weekly live group coaching calls to answer questions, troubleshoot and support you on your journey

checkRedAccess to Yoga Health Coach online resources with  Ayurvedic Recipe Book, Master Habits Guide and The habit changing e-book

checkRedBonus materials including relevant articles, yoga classes and meditation practices to support your learning

checkRedPrivate Facebook forum so you can get support at any time

checkRedAn amazing 2 day retreat in Nevada City, CA with Alexandra and the women in your group

checkRedWeekly emails from Alexandra to stay focused and inspired

What can you expect to achieve in 10 Weeks?

checkRedGet better sleep
checkRedFeel more energized and vibrant
checkRedEat a healthier diet
checkRedStart or maintain an exercise/yoga practice 
checkRedFeel better and more attuned to your body 
checkRedHave an abundance of self care techniques integrated into your life
checkRedLearn to meditate or deepen your meditation practice
checkRedReplace not so good habits with better ones 
checkRedFeel more peaceful in your mind, more joyful in your spirit
 Feel deeply nourished and loved by yourself


 What past clients say: 

I walk you step by step through the process. 

It’s easy – it’s fun – it’s uplifting

Invest in your future & your future body.

Like Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of the 21st century, says: “Invest in yourself as much as you can. You are your own biggest asset by far. You only get one mind and one body, and it’s gotta last a lifetime”. 



Thursday, September 22, 2016