The 5 Do’s and Dont’s for Fall
The 5 Do’s and Dont’s for Fall
The 5 Do’s and Dont’s for Fall

Whenever the seasons change I get a bit confused about what to eat and what activities to do. What I have done during the warm, long summer days doesn’t quite work anymore in the fall. It is clearly time to switch gears.

Fall is marked by light, dry and mobile qualities. We call it Vata in Ayurveda. We talked about that a couple of weeks ago. Those dry, light, mobile qualities are not only reflected in nature but  in our physiology. Our minds become more prone to mental disturbances like nervousness, anxiety and fear. Our bodies tend towards more constipation, gas, rough skin and other dryness related symptoms.

It is time to switch to anything warm, moist and  heavy. That is with your diet, with the way you take care of yourself and with the way you go about our day.

Aligning to seasonal rhythms = a healthy mind + body

I have created a Fall Wisdom Sheet for you that summarizes the do’s and dont’s for fall. Print it, put in on your fridge and put it into action.

Fall day wisdom day

Download Fall Day Wisdom Sheet