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Episode #2. The use of herbs for menopause

Episode #2. The use of herbs for menopause

Catie and I beat the words on herbs for menopause. Herbs are powerful helpers to realign our physiology especially when you find yourself in crisis mode.  Whether you are struggling with weight gain, brain fog, hot flashes, exhaustion, stress, anxiety… you name it… herbs are here to help. They not only bring the physical body back to base, but also your mind and emotions.

What you get from tuning in

  • how herbs assist in lessening menopausal symptoms
  • the effect of herbs on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • key herbs for menopause in particular hot flashes, insomnia, weight gain and stress
  • the difference between pharmaceuticals and herbs
  • the best way to take herbsThe effect of postpartum care on menopause


Catie Pazandak

Catie Pazandak is a clinical herbalist and nutritionist. She studied at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO and is currently studying with Aviva Romm, in her Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health program. She specializes in digestive health, food allergies and deep nourishment of body, mind and spirit.  As a vitalist practitioner, she helps clients to find and work on the root causes of imbalance and dis-ease.
Through her business, Harvesting Vitality, she has been creating medicinal honeys for over four years.

She works as a community clinical herbalist at HAALo in Nevada City, CA, teaches herbal classes for youth and most enjoys her special time wildcrafting and medicine making.

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Herbs for menopause