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Episode #23. The power of subtle awareness

Episode #23. The power of subtle awareness

Marcia Wilson grew up to be a occupational therapist (=gross body awareness) and evolved into a yogi (=subtle body awareness). She tells her story of how those two intricate studies inform her life, health and happiness as she moves through her 40s.

Midlife and menopause are often referred to as The Big Change; Subtle awareness is crucial for staying healthy and making life sustainable in this stage. In Ayurveda, we distinguish six stages of disease. Western medicine is only able to detect an imbalance in stage five which means when the imbalance is way manifested already.

Being tuned into your body will help you detect symptoms much earlier, prevent disease and create the body and life you want. Ayurveda and Yoga help you do that.

We explore the notion of what is sustainable in the mid-stage of life and beyond. Our daily practices and lifestyle choices need to honor the big change so that our nervous system can relax and our body can find back to equilibrium. If we were to ignore the subtle signs we would likely find ourselves in a place of dis-ease down the road.

Chemicals are being released by emotions;
and emotions are influenced by the environment we create for ourselves.
We have a choice. We can create how we feel.

What You get from tuning in:

  •    How subtle awareness informs our journey through midlife
  •    The impact of studying biochemistry (gross body awareness) vs studying a body centered science like yoga (subtle body awareness)
  •    The power of language to become your own healer…. no language, no power
  •    The importance of saying “Hell No” to things that no longer serve us
  •    The difference between spending and investing
  •    3 essential tools we need to navigate our health and life in a skillful way.


Marcia Wilson

Marcia Wilson is an Occupational Therapist, biochemist, yoga studio owner, and Yoga Health Coach. A life-long learner, she has navigated career changes, motherhood, health issues and marital breakdown with increasingly refined skills gleaned from the world of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Marcia trained primarily in the US and has over 1,000 hours of study with Martin and Jordan Kirk, Noah Maze, Marc Holzman, Paul Muller Ortega, Todd Inouye, Cate Stillman, John Friend, Sally Kempton and Judith Hanson Laster. Marcia has been teaching children and adults since 2009.

Her current passion? Supporting others on their journey of evolution by sharing the simple self-care practices that have shifted her into a consistent space of clear energy and deep connection. www.theartofselfcare.ca

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